Soggy Moon Girl

Last night Libby was running a low grade fever and said she had a headache. I gave her medicine and Gatorade (which is like a treat to them because they only get it when they're sick) and put her to bed as usual, but after an hour or so she called out for me, feeling hot and feverish. I got her pillow and a couple blankets and let her sleep in the recliner that sits next to my bedside so that if she needed me I wouldn't have to worry about waking Penelope. She was a little delirious and fell right back asleep, sitting up in the chair.

Jimmy and I were down in our playroom where the new computer/music studio is, and didn't hear when she got up another hour or so later but when I did finally hear her, I found her standing in the dining room squinting at the light, naked, looking disheveled and very cute. I asked her why she was naked to which she responded, "My clothes were all soggy." Jimmy and I looked at each other out of pure love when we heard her choice of vocabulary in her state. The only time I can think of us using the word soggy is when we're talking about cereal, so I found it very interesting that she chose this word. But isn't that exactly how you feel when you get all sweaty with a fever?

I later learned, after getting her clean clothes and taking her back to the chair to go back to sleep that she had wet her pants (Gatorade will do it every time) and I said, "Libby, you weren't sweaty, you wet your pants." To which she responded, "I prayed to God and asked him that I would not wet on the floor." So cute. She then laid on the bed in our playroom while Jimmy recorded me singing a lullaby. It was nice to have Libby as inspiration while I sang.

I hope that my children read all this blog business one day and I wanted to devote a post to Libby and how thankful I am for her. She is so much like me and it is nice to have someone around here who understands me like only another girl can. Every time I make bread she wants to help me. Every time Penelope wakes up she wants to go get into bed with her. And she is constantly using her amazingly easy access to the right side of her brain to draw, cut, paste, and make things. Here are two pictures from a book she made today. She thought of the title. Whatever I See You See. Note how when the letters curved around as she ran out of room, she made them backwards as if they were really wrapping around. And I started to tell her how to spell moon but she cut me off after "m" saying, "I know how to spell it, Mom, I learned it on Super Why." Score one for PBS. Oh, and that's me pointing to the moon. Notice my glasses. And flat top. Ha!

As you can see from the pictures, she was feeling a bit better today, but when I asked her last night how she was feeling she said, "I think I'll be better when the clock says seven, zero, zero, Mom." Let's hope so. I love you, Libby! -Mom


Susan said...

libby is so smart, and adorable. i'm so glad you're writing all this stuff down...you'll be incredibly glad some day. we're so blessed!

Aunt BJ said...

Julie, I love your peeks into family life. Katie says she intends to do this some day, and I wish I'd kept a journal for my kids because the few things I can remember are so precious to me. Consider publishing! This could become a "chapter book"!
Aunt BJ

Aunt BJ said...

Frustration is trying to comment and having to jump thro hoops to do it. LOVE your family life pictures! Consider publishing...