Photo sent from Houston taken by my sister
Yesterday morning Jimmy, Jackson, and Cash left on a month long journey out west.  The trip, planned and organized by my dad a.k.a. "Slim" and "Pop-Pop" spans 3 generations of men.  It is my dad, 2 of his sons in law, and his 6 grandsons.

6 a.m. yesterday leaving for Houston

We have been preparing (haircuts) and packing (in apple boxes that fit under the bunks) for a while.

Sadly I will not be able to chronicle their trip.

 Because I am not on it.

I don't wish I were, though, as it will involve camping, little to no showering, and teen and pre-teen boys.  The imagined smell alone makes me fine with staying behind.  I made them t-shirts.  My love for printmaking has expanded to silk screen.

Since January Jackson and Cash and I have been using home school time to study the different locations they will be stopping at.  It is mostly National Parks and Monuments.

Pulling out yesterday morning.  Starting out right with a thumbs up!

Slim outfitted a motor home he affectionately named "Dumbo" with bunk beds in the back and a huge bike rack to hold 9 bikes. 

The girls and I are going it alone here for now, but are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Aunt Susan, my sister whose children and husband are all on the trip.  She will help watch the girls for a couple weeks while I work (my own plus covering for Jimmy) and we have planned all kinds of fun things to do with them.  Not that we don't miss our men, but since they have been gone I converted their bedroom into a playroom, we have been eating chick food (guacamole for dinner anyone?), braiding hair, and shopping for crafts to do.  Oh, and no video games.  Just My Little Pony episodes.

The men left from Houston this afternoon and are as I type this they are on their way to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, then on to Mesa Verde.  I hope Jimmy will send me photos, maybe I can update a bit.

Meanwhile I will be next door swimming in our neighbors pool.  Yesterday I discovered that pregnant women float very easily.  I think I am so full of fluid I just rise to the top.  I'm like a cruise ship.  I'm always full of food, and I'm really, really huge.  And I carry passengers.  Well, just one passenger.  But she seems to like my cruise just fine.

Let's hope we cruise through this month of summer and that my men come home safely in one piece.  3GT forever.