Swingin Jackson

Here is Jackson swinging on the disc swing. He's pumped!!!! I love this guy.


Random Pics

Here are some more pictures I thought were fun.

Jackson. He's growing his hair out.

Its a computer double team.

My lovely in her new thrift store

"Life at the Lake"

Yard Sale and a Waldo

This is Jimmy. Julie prefers I state that when I am contributing to the blog so as not to confuse people. Anyways I thought I would say what we've been up to since Julie is busy. Well we are currently visiting Julie's parents down in Waldo. This was a sort of unexpected trip since we did not know we were coming as of last week. But I made the executive decision since I knew after our garage sale last weekend we would have a free week. So we are here having a great time with Julie's parents. Its a tough life, we have watched basketball, pressure washed many surfaces (which I must say I have enjoyed), Jackson has been using the disc swing like crazy, feeding the goats (which are a blog to themselves), taking naps, thrift store shopping, and we got here Sunday night. Whew! Much more planned but I am too ADD to type it out.

Backtracking, Our Yard Sale went off without a hitch. We made 195 bucks which was coool. The night before Jackson and I decided he should sell some juice or something so we scrambled around and got it together. We made two batches of brownies as well as a gallon of lemonade for the adoring public. The Ice cold lemonade was left ice cold as the temp never got above like 45 that morning but we did sell out of the brownies. We've got big plans for the next garage sale. (cakes, pies, brats, you name it)

I am still on the job hunt if anyone hears of anything. Life is good.

Jackson and his concession stand.

How would you like us for your neighbors?


Chick Fil-A

The evening after Jimmy and I got married, we drove to St. Augustine for the night. Before even checking into the hotel we two unplucked innocents decided we needed some Chick Fil-A first. Priorities, man. Anyway, since then this fast food joint has been part of our life on a regular basis. We love going there. Jackson used to call it "Chick aways." Now Libby has her own version: "Chick a-lay."

This past Tuesday we went with Jimmy's mom and grandmother. (We try to go on a Tuesday because kids eat free.) As I was sitting there with Libby waiting for Dad and Jackson to bring the food over, Libby turns to me and says, "Mom, what's a Chick?" So I of course told her it was a baby chicken. Then she said, "What's a-lay?" And, with a bit of a pause to interpret her toddler-ese, I said, "A fillet is a cut of meat." She just looked at me and said, "Oh." And there you have it. That's my girl. Digging deeper than just fries and sauces.


i hate us

For the record and posterity, Jimmy's jobless. We are having a great time. It is just a season. I have always teased Jimmy about the time he said "i hate us" instead of hiatus. Whatever you call it, it's here and I think it's needed. I am excited about what will come next for us. We are going to be pinching pennies to give him the time he needs and wants. Last night he looked at me and said, "We're never going to have a lot of money." And I assured him we have SO much. Tonight as I nursed my baby before bed I was just overwhelmed with how full of life our home is. Every single day there is joy, pain, laughter, tears, revelation, and love. In case anyone out there didn't know, you can't buy that stuff with all the money in the world. Hey, would you like some crackers with this cheese?

And now I'd like to share three pieces of wisdom spoken to me by my mother, the queen, over and over again in my life. They've been running through my brain today...
"A lot of life is how you look at it"
"Life is just one adjustment after the other"
"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

(That last one doesn't really apply to the whole hiatus thing, but it sure does inspire me to do a good job when I make the bed.)