A Mixed Tape

In spring cleaning we found a tape from 7-eleven.  Lifetime guarantee!

I hope this blog is kind of like a mixed tape of my life.  I take the moments that make me feel...joyous, funny, happy, sad, nostalgic, proud...and smoosh them all together.  And in the end I give it to my kids.  A collection of the music of our life that I hope brings them nothing but a feeling of love, grace, and peace.  They are safe here in our family.

We took a family selfie in the mirrored ceiling of the dollar store.

I hate that I have neglected the blog this month.  A lot has been going on.  A lot of the mundane, as always, but there have been wonderful moments within it.  Spring is here and full of color and perfect "go play outside" weather.

Here are a few photos of our life from about the last three weeks. 

The kids put on a show in the garage for our amazing and super fun neighbors. 

The middles enjoyed climbing a big tree down the street from our house. 

Everyone everywhere enjoys Violet's cuteness every minute of every day. 

 Juliet likes taking self portraits.  And she's really excited about reading!

Violet continues to grow despite my pleas to not get one day older.  She is her name.  A joy.

"set their hopes...on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy." 1 Timothy 6:17