I'm gonna live forever

Sometimes I feel like my life is like that opening scene from the movie "Fame"- that one continuous shot where you see all the students practicing instruments, dancing, singing, or acting. It's portrayed as this romantic and genius chaos. This is how I try to view my life, but it's hard. It's hard because to see my chaos as romantic, I have to look past things like chewed up Tootsie Rolls on the counter next to someones lost tooth. I have to get into a van with a mystery smell. I have to wade through laundry closing in on me like the trash compactor scene from Star Wars. And I will say it out, even though the authorities may come for me:  It's nearly impossible to get anything academic done some days. 

So we press on. And I pray for the wisdom I need to home school these six brains. And that's all one can do. So keep those creative juices flowing, kids. And tomorrow, during lunch, let's do a big dance number where we jump on the kitchen table and bang out rhythms with our silverware. Oh wait, we never use silverware at lunch time. Maybe you can roll up your paper plates.