Photo Booth

Well, today the much awaited visit from the FedEx truck finally happened and we got a new computer.  It's an iMac.  It's sweet.  We have been saving and planning to buy one so that we can have a studio to record music.  Tonight me and the kids played around with Photo Booth, a cool little application that gives you a 3...2..1... countdown and then automatically takes a picture with the built in camera on top of the monitor.  You can see yourself up until it takes the picture, just like in a real photo booth.  There is even a flash, as you can tell.  We took 28 pictures, and Jackson was still begging me for "one more, Mom!"  Showing Jackson Photo Booth was pretty much like releasing a caged animal.  And I don't know where he learned the peace sign, but he's definitely got it down.  Here are some of the best.

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