Mom's Vacation

Last weekend we drove down to Brandon to visit and leave Jackson and Libby with their Granny and Grandad for a week. So Jimmy and I have been holding the fort down here with only two children. It has been a nice break. I had high hopes for things I would accomplish this week, (the main one being to potty train Cash) but Tuesday morning I decided potty training would wait. I decided to take the week off and not pressure myself to do or accomplish ANYTHING I did not feel like doing. I figured it was as much as a vacation I was going to get this year, so why not? And even though I've still had multiple diapers to change and stickiness to wipe, it has been some wonderful time off. We go to get the kids tomorrow (we're meeting in Waldo and spending the 4th with my family) so things will resume, but tonight I'm going to eat ice cream and watch a movie with Jimmy and close my vacation with a bang! I'm going to do nothing!

Things that made me feel like I was on vacation this week:
•Only cooking "real" dinner once.
•Less dishes and less laundry.
•Having total silence for two hours every afternoon.
•Taking a nap that was longer than 30 minutes every day.
•Going for a walk or shopping with the kids and having everyone contained in the stroller or cart. No free roamers!
•Letting Cash eat yogurt and peanut butter (out of the jar) for dinner and just not worrying about it.
•Being able to go somewhere and only having to fill up one sippy cup.
•Not having Jackson at my bedside at 6 something for a whole week!
•Reading an entire book.
•Doing various other non essential (but I've been wanting to get them done) chores and projects.

So you see? I DID accomplish something! I got a piece of my sanity back! I didn't lie on a beach with a book and umbrella in my drink, but I still vacated the norm and it was nice.

Here are some pictures of my young ones. They were so sweet and good this week. Penelope started crawling and cut two teeth. She's growing up! She'll be eight months tomorrow.
Cash reveled in being the big kid. I started calling him "Number One." :-)

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LotsaKidz said...

Hooray for you! It's really hard to stop and take a break even when you know you need one. I'm glad you had the opportunity! KSHF