Things your Real Estate Photographer "won't" tell you

I recently read one of those Reader's Digest articles...'25 things your doctor won't tell you." Although to me it seemed full of things all these doctors were actually very willing to tell, as they gave their full name for the article!

So here is my version, real estate photographer style...

When you talk to me while I'm taking photos, I probably won't do as good of a job.  While I don't mind chatting, it forces me to do two things at once.

When you keep telling me you'll move whatever you need to, I wish that you had moved it before I got there, so I don't have to wait for you to move it.

Clear your surfaces. Don't detail clean.  When you're worried about a little dog hair on the floor, but leave your toothbrushes all over the sink, that makes no sense.  A decluttered counter is more important than Fido's hair loss problem.

And while we're on dogs, please don't let them jump on me, bite me, or growl at me.  I'm here to help you.  Also, it's a good idea to move their food and water dishes and stairs they use to get up into your bed. 

And cats.  I hate cats.  They are notorious for being under a stool or next to a couch, and I don't even realize they're in my frame before I've taken 4 photos of them.  I have to shoo them out and retake the photos- sans cat. 

Please have light bulbs in all your light fixtures.  Missing bulbs make me look bad.  And I hate the new curly kind.  Glad you're doing your part for the environment, but they don't do anything for my photos.

I appreciate all the prep work you've done.  Believe me, I've seen it all.  If I don't have to step over laundry on the floor, yours isn't the messiest house I've been in.  It really makes a difference.  Thank you.

The cleanest, most staged houses out there will leave their toilet brush next to the toilet.  If your house is pristine, this sticks out like a sore thumb.  So please move it, because I hate touching it.  In fact I usually just kick it with my foot.  Another thing everyone forgets is the bathrobe on the back of the bathroom door.  It plays peek-a-boo in my bathroom photos.

I am aware of what an invasion it is to have me in every corner of your house.  But really, it's all in a days work for me.  I pretty much forget your house once I'm done.  Unless you have green carpet in your bathroom or strange artwork on your walls...

Don't be embarrassed that you threw all your stuff in the closet, laundry room, or garage.  I'm glad you did!

You probably won't like this one, but you're going to have to clean up your back yard and blow the leaves off your deck.  Toys, unwound hoses, old paint buckets, brooms, muddy shoes, gardening tools, all these things stick out and its hard for others to see potential in your yard.

I think flags or anything else kitchy on your front porch can be very distracting.  I'm trying to photograph your house, not your stuff.

When you're having to sell your house because someone died, there's been divorce, or you're in financial distress, I usually have been made aware of this.  I feel for you.  I try to be understanding.  But I still have to do my job.  Whether you are excited about selling your house or not.

The more effort you put forward, the harder I try.  If you have your best foot forward, I step it up a notch too.

We want the same things.  I want your house to look good, have a lot of interest, and sell quick.  The realtor who hired me will use me again!  At the same time, I don't get paid enough to spend all day with you.  So if I say something isn't worth changing or moving, it's not.  Let it go.

There.  Now I've told you.  Whoever you are.

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