Some Guy's Hero

Jimmy and the boys are away for the weekend (a trip to Orlando for a yo-yo contest to celebrate Jackson's 13th birthday early) and so it's me and the girls again.

We are enjoying a quieter house, a cleaner house, and each other. 

Tonight I took the girls to get a sandwich at Firehouse, not feeling too guilty because I had a gift card and I also made them eat a handful of baby carrots before we left.  Vegetables, check.  Not spending any money, check.  Firehouse, yum.

While we were waiting for our food a man waiting for his take out order sat in the table close to ours.  When I came back with the girls waters he said, "Wow, you're brave.  Taking 3 kids out by yourself.  I only have two and I don't take them anywhere by myself."

Instead of just smiling and nodding I decided to tell him the truth.

"Actually, I have two more, so this is like a party.  My husband has the boys."

And then you wait for the reaction.  (Because as if this wasn't enough, my pregnant belly gives away we are not finished yet.)

"Wow, 5 kids!  You're amazing.  I'm just out getting food, doing what I'm told, hiding from everything."

So I told him the truth again.  "I hide a lot."

And then we went on with our meal and a couple minutes later his order was ready and he started to leave.  He had been sitting so close I felt like I should say something.  "See you later.  Have a good night."

As he opened the door he shook his head and said, "You're my hero."

And then he was gone.  Here I am, sitting at Firehouse, right below a huge mural of a firefighter saving a child from a fire, and this guy told me I was his hero.  I have to admit it felt pretty darn good.  Because if a hero is someone you look up to and want to be like, I don't know that anyone would want to be like me these days.  I am now in the last two months of my pregnancy and am feeling all that entails.  Not only the physical challenges (turning over at night is quite the process) but the mental and social hurdles my pregnant brain must overcome are assaulting me at every turn.  I drop things, forget things, am unintentionally rude to people...

I guess what I mean is, I'm not exactly feeling heroic.

But this guy said I was his hero, so I'm gonna take it.  Thanks, buddy.  Enjoy your sub.  But maybe evaluate choosing a pregnant lady as your hero...it's a little weird.

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