My favorite things about summer...so far

It literally sends pain through my core when I acknowledge the fact that summer is halfway over.  But here are some of my favorite things about summer so far...

1.  Popsicles.  When the warm weather comes Jimmy and I stock the freezer with the cheap plastic sleeve popsicles that come in a red mesh bag.  They are not food, but I admit I use them as an appetite suppressant.  "Mom, can I have a snack?"  "How about a popsicle?"

2.  Aunt Susan.  My sister came to stay with us for two weeks while the boys and Jimmy were on their 3GT adventure.  She was there for the girls when I had to work.  We all had fun making lemonade, doing crafts, swimming, eating chick food, watching Tinkerbell movies, she learned some piano duets with Libby...the list goes on.  Mostly it was fun to have someone here to appreciate my amazing children with me and laugh at the cute and funny things they do and say.

3.  3GT.  Susan and I enjoyed living here at home just waiting for what would happen "...on the next episode of 3GT..." Their adventures did not disappoint.  They broke down, they're crammed in a minivan going to the Grand Canyon, the RV is fixed, Jimmy is afraid for his life as they climb up the Rocky Mountains... plus the cute photos and texts I would get from the kids.  And then all of a sudden they're coming home early!

4.  My pregnancy.  Even though it has been difficult, I continually picture Joan Cusak from Runaway Bride telling Julia Roberts "your veil is not attacking you!" only she is saying to me "your pregnancy is not attacking you!"  I know from experience that it is fleeting.  I said to Jimmy this week that no matter how many times you do it, the fact that in 12 weeks what is inside of me will be lying in a crib is mystifying.  It is a miracle, a sacred promise I do not take for granted.  I love feeling a baby move inside of me. 

5.  Grandparents.  This past week I have had a chance for an in town vacation with Jimmy because my parents had Jackson with them and Jimmy's parents kept my other four.  Grandparent camp is an amazing gift.  I have cleaned out closets and rearranged rooms and washed baby stuff and taken naps when I wanted and did not cook any family meals.  It has been wonderful.

6.  The color of summer.  Lastly, I have figured out what the color of summer is.  The color of summer is this.  It is the color you see after you've been swimming with blue tinted goggles on.  Per the rules of color theory, when you take off blue goggles, for the first few seconds everything around you has a beautiful golden orange tint.  And when what is around you are playful children and beautiful puffy cloud skies and sweeping oak trees...it makes the color of summer that much more wonderful.

Here's to the second half of summer.

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