First World Problems

I'm barely hanging on here much of the time in these last few weeks of my pregnancy.  The physical limitations are starting to get to me.  When I watch other people get up and down off the ground I seriously wonder if I will ever be able to do that again.  When I think about wearing pants with a zipper and button it seems like a foreign concept.  Will I get there?  It's weird.

I have misplaced my grabber and this causes me to try first, before bending down, to pick up whatever it is with my foot.  Since the lower leg cramps of the final trimester have settled in, this isn't really the best idea.  Sometimes I just wander around looking for it, whining under my breath, grieving its absence.

To add chaos to mayhem around here, we have begun major construction on a third bathroom.  Not doing all the work ourselves; Jimmy is working alongside a handy man he has developed a relationship with through work.  This is exciting, but I must admit I feel very American (and thus spoiled) to be spending our hard earned and saved money to have a third bathroom.  But we will use and enjoy it.

I am attempting to start home school up tomorrow, feeling glad that the large amount of screen time in our house will decrease.  It is extremely sad yet hard to escape, the number of hours my kids are entertained.  I worry what this is doing to them long term.  There is no way to know.

We have been swimming a lot next door and so that is an extremely positive activity.  Although Penelope's hair has turned to straw because, do I have her rinse it out every time?  No!  Of course not!  The kids found a mole at the bottom of the pool last week which provided plenty of excitement.

All these are silly first world problems.  Home improvement projects, large amounts of television/internet entertainment, moles at the bottom of a beautiful pool...pregnancy in a country where I can rest in an air conditioned home on a soft bed...I cannot complain.  We have it good.  We are all happy, healthy, provided for by a loving God, and together.  We are a family, just trying to work it out one day at a time.  And somehow all this mundane will build memories for my children, even though it seems just that--so mundane.

I am so privileged to be a wife, a mother, to live in America.


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