Exciting and New

Embarking on a blog which requires me to remember many things that have been floating around in my head is very intimidating. In general, I just don't remember anymore. If I'm lucky, I can recall some events. I hope I am lucky tonight.

I have been thinking about the crazy things that happen to me day to day. 

For example, this week I went to bed and had to set my alarm for earlier than usual so that I could make a trip to the library and turn in books and movies in plenty of time before they opened so as not to acquire any further fines. (They would count it as if they came in the day before.) Just your normal home school mom working the system. 

Also this week as I laid down for the night before I plugged my phone in I asked Jimmy to help me figure out how to do something on my settings. As we were hunched over my lit up phone in an otherwise dark room, a bug, no doubt attracted to the light, flew into my face. I jumped up and turned on the light and there was a huge roach on my pillow. Deep breath. 

Last night I finally moved our hamster Peanut into the laundry room so I could close the door on him at night. Reason being, he makes such a racket at night he wakes me up. He was already at the front of the house a good distance from my bedroom. But I'd had enough of the Peanut alarm clock at five a.m. 

There's more.  A week ago I discovered that Jimmy and I had been using the same toothbrush for nearly two months. Another deep breath. I had purchased a new one when I got home from NYC and Jimmy's never got unpacked from his simultaneous visit to Brandon. And there was a spare one in the holder so he thought that was mine and I also thought he was using that one. I know we're married and all, but for some reason "and the two shall become one flesh" does not apply to toothbrushes in my mind. 

Yesterday the kids and I embarked on a geocaching adventure because Libby had been studying latitude and longitude etc. The first one we tried to find was in a fairly public place and it struck me how strange we must look to passers by, me and five kids examining bushes on our hands and knees at the edge of a parking lot. 

I have just been thinking about how every day there is something new. Something unexpected. How chaos and total mayhem alongside of constant stimuli is my normal. This is nothing new. But I have decided it would be a good idea to view it as just that. Exciting and new. Smile. Deep breath. 

This is Cash and I on a walk recently. I love having kids. Let me say it again--it's exciting and new. It is stopping to examine the effects of the sun. It is truly an adventure. I hope to enjoy its abundance and believe it is just a shadow of things to come. Exhale.

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MaranathaMom said...

Nice! Adam borrowed my toothbrush on our cruise because he didn't like his travel toothbrush. I feel like toothbrushes are already compact enough that there is no point in using a travel sized variety. Since Adam unpacks within five minutes of getting home, I had no worries of him continuing to use mine. Oh, and besides, his was in the toothbrush holder on our counter the entire time we were gone, duh.