Yearly update and photos... 2, 5, 7, 9, and 11...

It's that time again.  Time for the annual update and "school" photos.

The kids have been bugging me to take "lying down" photos ever since this Christmas card.  So we just went for it one night after dinner last week.

But I couldn't resist taking some more "normal" photos the next day...I don't take enough photographs of them anymore.  Somehow it has become a pain to walk over to the computer desk and pick up my camera.  Shame on me.  These make up for it a little.

The kids came up with their own ideas about what they did.

So here they are in the order in which I photographed them...

The seven year old...Cash went first.  We all wanted him to pose with a microphone but he just wanted to be him.  He just lost a tooth yesterday.  He likes to use the iPad and watch Jimmy play Starcraft.  (He plays too sometimes...when he's finished with all his schoolwork!)  He loves to be the first one into Juliet's room in the morning or after nap time.  We wanted him to use a microphone because he is always singing.  He seems to come alive a little more when he sings.  He is Jackson's yo-yo coach.  He knows all the tricks and keeps Jackson on his toes!  He is extremely observant and always knows what's going on.  He is in charge of snack time at our home school.  I picked the perfect man for the job!  He is our Cashy-boy.

The five year old...Penelope went next.  She ran into her room to get dressed in all black for the photos and be "a karate girl."  This is funny to me because we never do karate, talk about karate, know anyone who does karate, watch karate, or read about karate.  Yet that's what she came up with.  Living up to the term I use to describe her...my "wild card."  With Penelope you never know what you're gonna get.  She is into My Little Pony.  Watching it, coloring it, playing it, pretending it.  She is Pinky Pie.  She's our Pip.

The two year old...Juliet went next.  She wanted to have her bunny with her.  She is our baby girl and we all love to ask her questions just to prompt something cute she will say in response.  She loves puzzles lately and books as always.  She is in love with Daniel Tiger and we all sing the jingles from that show multiple times daily.  She is very bright and wows us regularly with her meal time prayers.  She's our Ju Ju.

The eleven year old...Jackson went next.  He of course picked his yo-yo as his prop because he is never without it.  Jackson misplaces a lot of things.  I've always tried to teach him that if something is important, you should think to yourself, "I better remember where I set this down.  I'm going to need it later."  The yo-yo has actually helped him with this.  Because he rarely has it off his finger but if he does he always puts it in a safe place.  Translate:  It is valuable to him!  And we are all amazed at his new tricks.  He and Jimmy and Cash go to the yo-yo club on Saturdays.  Jackson is doing great in school and has been a great help in chores.  However, I have found random items in random places.  He hides them if he doesn't know what to do with them.  This is the kind of thing that drives me batty but that I know will someday be funny.  He is our Jax.

The nine year old...Libby went last.  All the others had fun surrounding her with writing utensils and tools to illustrate (pun intended) her favorite hobby.  She is still drawing and writing and has begun my drawing class as well.  If she has paper and pencil she is good to go.  She has the trouble completing her school work because the smaller kids who don't have as much to do and can finish faster want her to play with them!  Penelope doesn't seem to understand why she can't have Libby all to herself whenever she wants.  Libby is everyone's second mother.  I don't mind sharing.  She does an excellent job.  She is our Libby-Lib.

Well I think that about does it.  There is no paragraph or photograph that can capture the essence of my children.  There is nothing that would ever come close to showing my deep love for them.  Another happy healthy year is a gift of God that I am truly thankful for.  I do not deserve such wonderful kids.  I love you guys!  Now stop reading the blog and get back to your school work!!

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