May and the 5 Second Rule

There has been a long lapse of blogging around here due to an extremely busy month.  May was extreme.  Events worthy of a blog each but now it has passed and I'm just going to shortly mention them so as to not forget.

I had my home school art show on May 16th.  This year I had 34 students in two classes and the show was a bit crowded.  I feel excited to have outgrown this space.  I hope we need a bigger space next year.  But I don't want to think about putting on another art show...I need a year to forget the feeling of sticky-tack and paper cuts.

Remember these masks?

We also had the performance of our home school co-op musical.  Just a few things about this.  I knew that Libby would be able to memorize all her lines and hit every move and note.  This was not surprising.  But I have discovered that Cash too is a performer.  There was not a moment of practice or performance when the vein in his neck was not popping out.  I have been praying to discover what his gifts are.  That child has a song in his heart.  He also did a rap.  We were all super impressed.

Then we went to Epcot, using our last day of Disney parks barely before the deadline.  I had never been to Epcot, even though I grew up fairly close to Orlando.  It was pretty surreal.  I'm sure when Epcot was unveiled back in the 80s it was amazing.  Futuristic and before it's time.  But it seems to have gotten stuck there.  In the 80s I mean.  Carrying around my smart phone as I walked by a bank of pay phones just had me scratching my head.  There was more technology in my pocket than in the entire park it seemed.

And don't even get me started on Captain Eo.

Here we are in Germany
Cool art pillars in France

Then we invited our small group from church to my parents house for Memorial Day weekend.  This was fun and relaxing and full of food and swimming and skiing.  I came home Monday and woke up Tuesday feeling sore.  Like, really sore.  Like, so sore I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe my how my aching muscles protested with every single strain.  Did I forget to say it was from slalom skiing?  Which I should feel good about but really sort of regret.  Yet I know when I go back my Dad will make me get up on a ski again.

And then after that we had the last week of school which included another informal art show with my co-op art class and friends.  Jackson had his last day of fifth grade at school.  We've also wrapped up baseball, piano (one more week), and ballet.  Whew.
Mondrian inspired works by co-op Art class

Cashy-boy at baseball
I caught Libby before she took out her bun.  Smile.

Then our friends Adam and Maranatha and their three kids came to stay with us this past weekend.  Jimmy has known Adam since middle school.  We see them often when we visit Brandon and finally got them to come see us.  We tried to show them the best of Tallahassee.  We always try to get people to move here.  Because it's a great place to live.  We played some mad Catan.  And my Catan demon came out.  I am not afraid to admit it.  It was at the end of a crazy month.  It happens to the best of us.

Before the game began.  Anything is possible.
And now, I'd like to write about what I intended.  The five second rule.  I have a lot to say a lot about this.  How genius it is.  How whoever invented it must have been a mom with five kids like me.  Because 1.  People drop things a lot.  And 2.  My floors are really dirty.  And 3.  I don't want to get the pretzels back out and serve you up some more.  So just eat them off the floor.  "Five second rule!"

The five second rule has really been expanded around here though to more like "the 24 hour rule" because it's pretty common place to see someone pick up a Cheerio or peanut that's been on the floor since the day before and enjoy an unexpected snack.  A snack that they didn't have to get approved by me or find someone to help them or even ask at all.  Just discover and enjoy.   If you don't step on it first.

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