The way it really is

This past Friday I made masks with my 3D art class.  I have been thinking a little about masks.  And if I wear any.  I probably do.  Honestly I'm too lazy to think about it much right now.

Here's a few more non-mask-ish type things I can tell you.

Jimmy has been out of town all weekend on a men's retreat with church.  So after two days and nights with all the kids by the time I got to church this morning I was sweating a little.  Literally.  During the music I realized I had forgotten to put on deodorant the previous afternoon after I took a shower.  It's been really cold, so I had no reason to realize it until that sweaty point.

After a few songs the worship leader asked us to take a few quiet moments and confess any sin in our hearts or lives to the Lord.

I prayed the first thing that came into my mind...

"Lord, I'm sorry I didn't wear deodorant today."

I'm not kidding.

And then I was pretty preoccupied with the fact that I had just prayed about my lack of deodorant and before I knew it the next song began and my confession time was over and I hadn't confessed anything except the aforementioned perspiratory and odorific offenses.

Raise your hand if you're sure.

This afternoon I was playing "Plants vs. Zombies" with Cash in an attempt to actually hang out with the kids instead of using all their down time on screens to clean, clean, or clean up. 

We defeated the zombies twice in a row and my eyes were closing so I put on a video and tried to rest.  But everyone kept saying "Don't fall asleep mom!  This is really funny!" but I knew the video was only 30 minutes so my drooping eyelids won out.

To make an embarrassing mom moment much shorter, one of the kids complained about something and in my interrupted nap stupor I got angry and yelled and Mean Mommy came out and banned Netflix and XBox for an entire month.

I really wish Mean Mommy would stay in her dark lair.  I wish a zombie would eat her brains.

I'm wearing deodorant now.  And I've really got something to confess.

Mean Mommy. 

She's mean.

Tonight Juliet asked to watch Dora and I had to tell her no (because I may cave on my month long Netflix restriction but I am certainly not going to cave on the first day) and she started screaming and crying and snotting all over me.

The masks are off, people.  They're kind of scary anyway, aren't they?

Hey kids.  You reap what you sow.

So take off your mask and work hard to plant grace, peace, love, and the truth of God's word.

And always be sure to wear deodorant.

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