Happy Mother's Books

In honor of Mother's Day I'd like to share a few books from our library.

They have mothers in them.  They are favorites around here.

There is nothing better about being a mom than sitting your child in your lap and reading a book to them.  Please, I beg you, (you being the collective society) turn off your electronic device and read to your child!

This book is obviously well worn.  Everyone loves it.  Ju Ju recites it.

I had to include this because of my love of birds.  There is a reunion at the end.

Coming home when your child has been waiting is joyful for all.

This book is so precious and again, involves birds!  Owl babies whose mother goes to get them food and they get a little afraid she won't come back.  My children sometimes seem to think they are not going to get the next meal, acting desperate for food.  Only not in a cute illustrated fuzzy bird type of way.  In a different way.  A way that requires a lot of patience.  Anyway...

She comes back!!  And they are so happy.

This book is about a mommy elephant who tries to achieve five minutes peace away from her children.

This is the first scene in the book, the thing she is trying to escape.  It's just a teeny tiny bit familiar to me.

Here she is packing up her breakfast into a tray to carry upstairs and eat while enjoying a bath.  This mommy is one after my own heart.  She likes toast!

And this is what happens eventually.  Her children end up in the tub with her.  In the end she does manage to achieve "three minutes and forty-five seconds" of peace.  Hey, it's better than nothing.

This is a board book I discovered at the library, well, first we checked out "Dad Mine" and then this, and then I bought both for Juliet for Christmas.  It's super cute.


Someone discovered me taking photos of books.

The last line is "Mom mine.  Loves me."  Yes I do!

Yesterday I smelled like baby powder because Juliet dumped some all over her baby dolls bottom.  And kind of got it all over the place.

That is unrelated.  But it made me feel like a mother.  Smelling like powder.  It made me feel like I'm one of the elite.  I'm not anybody special.  But my children make me special.  I am favored.

Happy Mother's Day!

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