Raindrops keep falling on my head

When I was six years old I was playing human cannon ball in my front yard with my next door neighbors.  A girl my age, and her eighth grade brother.  He was launching us across the St. Augustine grass by lying down, putting his feet in the air, letting us sit on them, and then sending us through the air.

It was great fun.

Until I broke my arm.

But this is not about the experience of the injury.  This is about afterward.

Being six, I strongly remember lying on the couch and missing a week of school, and most of all, being brought gifts.  Coloring books, stuffed animals, and such.  I felt supported and loved and remembered very specifically which animals were given to me when I broke my arm...keeping them into high school.

My pastors wife brought me something different.  A music box.  It opened to reveal the inner workings, covered by a piece of plexi glass.

It played "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head."

I have kept this in my personal things since age six and just recently had to throw it away.  I found it on the floor while sweeping.  The handle used to wind it had broken off.  So since it no longer could make music, I decided to toss it.

But as I continued to sweep the floor I felt a little sad to see it go so I went over to the trash can and took a quick photo of it.  I was going to miss it.

Why?  Because it served as a reminder that bad things happen.  Raindrops keep falling on my head.  But it's not about the fact that they do, it's about what you do when they do.

With the innocence of a child, I didn't lie around depressed when I broke my arm, I had fun watching cartoons and coloring and getting presents.

I'm not going to let the rain get me down.  It can be beautiful.

Just this morning I have looked at two friends blogs...dealing with cancer, dealing with a child's medical procedure/results...their outlook is inspiring.  They have learned how to let the rain fall.  No griping about the rain, about the effects of the rain, just looking toward the sun, which faithfully breaks through.  We are free from worry and anxiety in Christ.

I looked up the lyrics to the song.  I like these three lines:

I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothing's worrying me.

If we're lucky, we get to see the inner workings.  The hard work that's going on during the rainfall.  And hear the beautiful music that comes after.  The catchy tunes you want to hear again and again.

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Jenn Batey said...

Jules- you were my cheerleader literally in High School... And you still are now that we are almost old enough to have high schoolers. I love you and your cheers of "go, Be a MOM!" Bring me life and strength. You, Jules, are a ray of my sunshine. Thanks.