Waldo Flea Market-Part Three

Are you getting tired of the Flea Market yet? I am, but I'm going to finish what I started. Only one more post and we'll complete our tour.

An array of belt buckles. Worthy of a locked glass case? Not in my opinion, but I'm not making any judgements here.

The banner says, "Mr. Bill's Cheep Thrills...BLING FOR A BUCK...and electronics for a little more!" I want to know the difference between "cheep" thrills and "cheap" thrills.

I don't want to judge or make fun of these people, but please tell me who would want a rebel flag with a dog in the middle of it flying outside their house? The flag on the right says, "Rebel Pride."

Now we are in a section that is a huge metal building with more stuff made in China. This is three or four times the size of the other parts I'd already been through and showed you. I thought I had seen all the good stuff from our friends in Asia but there was more. Here is a cool 80's net glove.

And more fake Sharpies! Only this time, I couldn't even decipher their slightly different spelling...here, I'll zoom in...

Is it Shaurie? Or Shonrie? Whatever the language, they still make me drool.

I found it interesting that the Chinese are making U.S.A. #1 key chains. And even more interesting that they are all covered in a thick layer of dust.

This is one of my favorites. Super Glue, Super Glue, Super Glue, and Special Glue. All exactly the same, except for the name. Which would you choose? I would have a hard time deciding. Super and Special are both excellent adjectives.

And as I was leaving this area, I saw these next to each other and thought it funny. Then I realized they'd both be good wedding presents, so maybe this is the wedding gift section?

And in it's own tent, "Redneck Country!" I didn't go inside. I just didn't want to.

There was this one lady there who had her booth tables full of scissors in these neat black boxes. I LOVE SCISSORS! I talked to her. She was nice. She said a PhD student from U of Florida had written a paper about her and hung out with her in her booth for three different Saturdays. Pretty cool. If I could have a collection at the Flea Market, I'd be proud to sell scissors.

Would you like a concrete giraffe for your yard? Pretty cool sculpture.

And I took this on the way out. So you'll recognize it if you're ever on highway 301 and you want to stop through.

In closing I just want to say that I am not judging these folks who sell, buy, and hang out at the flea market. They are, many of them, hardworking people trying to make money to feed their families. I appreciate that. It is still fun to people watch and giggle at the funny signs and wares you see when you go there. I bought quite a few things that I couldn't buy anywhere else but there. And that makes it a special place. But in truth, it's a special place that I only need to go to every two years or so. Everyone needs some cheep thrills once in a while.

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