Waldo Flea Market-Part Two

There were quite a few other interesting things in the "Made in China" section as I'll call it. I spent a good number of minutes photographing the Sharpie wanna-be's and began to notice I was hearing a constant drone that sounded like a toy. I thought it was a gun of some sort. I had seen some earlier. Little machine guns that make an artillery type sound when you pull the trigger. It sounded as if one of them had gotten stuck in the on position somehow. I followed the noise, only to discover that the gun sound was not a gun but this...

The noise was supposed to sound like waves on a beach, I guess. Not quite the paradise I think I'm ready for...a light up picture that sounds like an annoying gun toy.

Couldn't resist the juxtaposition of an electric Jesus next to a dog collar. Because earlier at the flea market I saw the sign "Dog spelled backwards is God" in one of the puppy booths. What I didn't see until later was what's in the top right corner of this photo. Here, I'll zoom in...

It's Art! To suit both refined and popular tastes, no less! An apple clock is definitely on my list of both refined and popular art!

Or, if you prefer fake pets, here's a couple of birds.

Some hats...just one of the many exploits of the rebel flag seen at the flea market. I like "Choppers till you die"...since people with a death wish ride motorcycles.

This is in a different "Made in China" section. There were a couple. A huge bin of fake crocs. And I turned to my right, without moving my feet, and shot the next bin over...

A huge bin of bras, four to a pack. I thought they looked very similar to the crocs...colorful and cheap. I don't know if you can tell what they are...I had to use my flash because it was very dim in this section. This probably tips sales in their favor. If you can't see it very well, you might go ahead and buy it. Then, wonder what the heck you were thinking when you get it out in daylight.

We are now entering the animal section of the flea market. You want chickens? There are dozens.

This looks like a bird for a magician. I know it's a terrible picture, but he was moving around a lot.

I shot this from my waist without looking through the viewfinder because I was being watched and didn't want to get in trouble. Maybe the pig has an agent or something and I need to get permission...

This is where I saw the "Dog spelled backwards is God" sign earlier in the morning before I came back with my camera. Maybe they had sold their holiest dog and didn't want to false advertise.

I'm not a member of PETA or anything, but I hated seeing these guys all scrunched together in here.

A baby pool full of rabbits. When we were there in the morning, Penelope kept smacking this one rabbit on the back and he'd hop away. She thought that was so funny so she kept doing it until I pulled her away. PETA...Penelope Exercises The Animals?

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