Penelope Jane at 3 months

Here is Penelope. She is three months old today. I am totally in love with her, she is so sweet and precious. Very quiet and calm. Probably the most quiet of all of us, come to think of it. Everyone around here just wants to kiss her all the time. She is full of the best part about babies--warmth and softness. She has her share of fat rolls but is my smallest baby, still able to wear 3 month clothes. I'm sure all my others were busting out of them by this time. Be healthy, Penelope, but don't grow too fast! We love you!


allhisblessings said...

Oh I just wanna eat her up!

Carey M said...

You guys make the CUTEST babies...are you sure you want to shut down that kind of production? ;-)

Sandra Bennage said...

She is just beautiful!