Airplane crash in Tallahassee!!!

Something new something old something crazy. Well, we were playing a game the other night (not a game the game Settlers of Catan) and about 9ish the lights flashed on and off a couple of times. We looked at each other and made brief mention of it and kept playing. Well about twenty minutes later the phone of one our guests rings and her sister tells her that a plane has crashed at the intersection of Tennessee and Ocala. This is about two miles from us. And the flight path goes right over our house to the airport. So were a little excited to say the least. Anyway, turns out it was a single engine prop plane and nobody was injured except the pilot. Just thought I would share the excitement with everyone. Here is a picture. Notice the Albertson's in the background. That is my Albertson's where I shop for the good deals.
I also want to say that this is big news in Tallahassee. Julie commented, and I agree-- I am glad I live in a town where this is the big news.


Anonymous said...

Looks a little like the Seminoles' football season. Go UCF Golden Knights! Yeah!

the J trainers said...

Obviously an unintelligent person.