My life is a comic strip

Okay, well, I really have some things to note but I will probably get interrupted. Here goes anyway. This is about going crazy. I have to keep it at bay. Yesterday I sat down on the couch, put my elbows on my knees, plugged my ears, and began rocking back and forth while humming a drone to block out all noise. I started praying. For what, I can't even remember but I'm sure it had something to do with keeping craziness at bay. I sat in this position for approximately 30 to 45 seconds, thinking everything was going on as normal, but when I released my ears and stopped the drone, I looked up only to have three small children staring at me about 6 inches from my face. And Cash was rocking and droning with a big smile on his face. He thought it was a game. My prayers had been quickly answered. I was rescued from near craziness by laughter. It was a close one.

Jackson has been reading Calvin and Hobbes comic books. I ask him to read it out loud to me sometimes to see if he can. His expression and inflection is practically perfect. Obviously he doesn't get all of the humor but he is practicing reading, but hopefully not learning behavior from Calvin.

There is another famous strip where Calvin's mom tells him to go get into the bathtub. He goes into the bathroom and sits in the tub with his clothes on, waiting for his mom to discover his "obedience." She screams from the other side of the house, "I DON'T HEAR ANY WATER RUNNING!" The other day I sent Libby to the back of the house to do or get something. I don't remember what it was, but she got distracted and Jackson looked at me, smiled, and said, "I don't hear any water running!!" And then started laughing.

Jackson seems to be speaking in capital letters with exclamation points at the end these days. Yesterday I was nursing in the living room and Jackson was in time out on his bed. Cash and Libby went in there and a few moments later I hear Jackson, with no breath in between, shouting, "DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! DOUBLE DANGER! DOUBLE DANGER!" (slight pause) "DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" I finally got a word in and asked what they were doing. "Dumping powder!" So I said, "Then take it from them!" He walked it into the kitchen to put it up high where Cash couldn't reach, saying nothing but giving me an eye roll as if to say, "Here I go again, saving the day." and then went back to his bed.

Another punch line to my comic strip life was the other day when I was made half crazy by some mini-crisis and Jackson told me, "At least you didn't pull all your hair out, Mom."

So I guess that's about it. But just for your information, later that day, after the powder incident, my friend Carey, and her kids, Ellie and Clark came came over to play. She was changing Clark's diaper in Cash's room, and I was changing Penelope in her room. We came out to the living/dining area only to find the entire pathway from the front door to the back door and into the hall COVERED in powder, with Cash holding the container, and three other kids playing in it. What happened to "DANGER DANGER DOUBLE DANGER?" Oh well. I guess you can't rely on a six year old to save the day every time.


michellenotdawn said...

Yep, I called and interrupted during your post. I told you I'd love reading it!

Christopher Bennage said...

Calvin's dad has totally been my role model for parenting.

Lori W said...

OH the excitement around the Alley house...how do you stand it? I think I'm going to add DANGER DANGER DOUBLE DANGER to my vocabulary. HEE!

Carey M said...

I'm so glad you're recording this so we can embarrass them with specifics later...