This too shall pass

I have been thinking I should post something before I have this baby (I'm due Nov. 4) but I think I am censoring myself because when you are 9 months pregnant for the fourth time in 6.5 years, certain words are just a part of your vocabulary that most people are not very comfortable with. I am afraid that if I blog it will be filled with words like groin, nipples, uterus, bottom (and whatever else you may call it), contractions, cervix, and discharge. At least I didn't include hemorrhoids. Which is a very interesting word by the way. I believe there are a few acceptable spellings. Probably because no one wants to think about them.

So this explains my lack of gumption to write, but I have now successfully gotten it all out of my system and you can rest easy. No more pregnancy lingo from this obstetrical patient. I will be good.

Today I lugged both Jackson and Cash to my Dr.'s office for a routine ultrasound and check-up with my doctor. Cash seems to be over the whole waiting room scene but luckily I had Jackson around to keep him happy by doing many things, one of which was pushing him around the waiting room in the stroller, only running into someones toes once. To make a long story short, I had to have two ultrasounds, the second being a "level 2" which means I went upstairs to a nicer ultrasound machine. They were making sure I had plenty of amniotic fluid, which I did and all is well. The baby passed with flying colors and I actually got to see her in 4D which was cool but scary because her face was smooshed against me and my placenta. (Oops I promised no more buzz words.) So we were a Hansel and Gretel of sorts, scattering all kinds of "keep your children occupied" snack food crumbs over waiting rooms, exam rooms and hallways over the course of 2.5 hours. All of this culminated with Jackson announcing in quite a loud voice to a nurse, "We're having NO MORE BABIES after this!" I just laughed because, what else is there besides laughter after a morning such as ours? Oh that, and the fact that Cash was fussing and my big round belly was full of jelly when Jackson dropped his declaration. As if he makes all the life-altering decisions in our family.

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