Well, this week is a week of adjustments on the J train. Monday I started homeschool, and Tuesday Jimmy started his new job (of which the first two days have proved it is indeed the perfect job for him--YES!) and Libby went to pre-school. She will be going two mornings a week. Everyone seems to be adjusting fine. I am just amazed at Jimmy going to bed early and getting up BEFORE me. (Even if it's only five or ten minutes before me.) It has been years since this has been the case. Here are pictures. Noodle Names from our first day of school (it's letter N week), Jimmy out the door, Libby ready for school, and what Cash and Jackson were doing while I had her sitting on the front porch. Poor Libby. And a shot of Cash eating breakfast in the background because my other two are ready to learn! Ha!

p.s. An apology to all who have left comments in the last three or four months. I didn't know you commented and I finally published them all. Sorry!

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