...begins with the letter E

This week is letter Ee. Libby drew an amazing elephant on Monday and then asked me how to spell it and made every letter so well that I brought it out at dinner time and bragged about her to Jimmy. Jackson also did a good job portraying an egg- in every form he could think of. Jimmy said, "You should put these on the blog" so Jackson remembered and has been bugging me to post them. I will ask them to talk about their pictures.

This is Libby's picture and Libby drawed this and then she drawed the eyes and the eybrows and then she drawed the elephant. This is my elephant. I did it and my mom did it on the computer. That's what I want you to say. (Libby was given a prompt page that looked like Jackson's and did eyes and eyebrows first before she moved to the elephant.)

Eggs can be lots of things. They can make a baby chick and the chicks grow. They can make scrambled eggs. And then you eat them all up. They can make boiled eggs. They can make eggs that you can eat plain.

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