Sometimes you have one of those days where you're not quite sure you're going to make it until bedtime. I'm not really sure if it was the spilling of salt on my freshly mopped floors, the pee on the carpet, the whining, the endless questions at the exact wrong times, or the loss of electricity just before the eggs were fully cooked on my casserole, but after the clean-up of our "just eat the edges" dinner I knew I had to get in the car and strap everyone down so at least they couldn't touch each other or me for an hour. So, we did. It was pretty bad, but as I said, at least no one made a mess or hurt someone. And yes, we made it to bedtime. Which was 20 minutes early tonight.

Sometimes when I go in to check on the kids at night they might stir a little and seem to notice me. Jackson, my heaviest sleeper, will never open his eyes but might jabber something or turn over. Libby is usually peaceful, but will sometimes crack an eyelid. Cash is often found spread eagle, on tummy or back. But tonight my baby boy just turned over and looked at me with wide eyes as if he had been waiting for me to come. I scooped him up and rocked him for a while, and as he lay with his open hand on my belly his baby sister seemed to step up her movements just a little. After the night we had, I rocked there thinking of how many more crazy nights are to come. But rocking with your big baby and your tiny baby together, a once in a lifetime opportunity, makes it all worth it.

Sometimes Jimmy tells me "you need to blog about that". And it was none of what I just wrote, that was just therapeutic. What he thought I should record for posterity is the phone call I got today. Jimmy was out. (*Also for the record, he got a job and starts Tuesday.) We were about our normal post lunch pre nap chaos and the phone rang. I could hear that it was somewhere in the back of the house and heard Jackson say, "Mom! Phone!" so I ventured back to our bedroom, picked up the phone and said "hello?" To which I heard someone (who sounded a lot like me) say, "hello?" right back. I'm not sure what else was said, but there was another hello and some giggling and so I promptly hung up and walked out to the living room to confirm my suspicions that Jackson had used our cell phone and called me on it. He was cracking up and I was NOT amused, telling him he just spent ten cents to call me. Only later, when I relayed the story to Jimmy, did I see it as pretty funny. I also later thought to myself that if I ever wondered whether or not he could recall and use our phone number in an emergency (and I have wondered this) then I guess I know the answer. I think I'll use the cell phone to call him tomorrow. Hee hee. Two can play at this game, Jackson.

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