On the road again

Well, we thought our trip to New Jersey and back would be our last hurrah during Jimmy's "summer of George" but here we are, on the road again, to spend a few days with my sister in Indian Harbour Beach, FL and then a day and night with Jeremy and Darcy, and of course a stay with my parents on the way up and back from these places. This reminded me of our journeys this past May when my kids awoke at 6 a.m. this morning. Jackson received a good what I like to call "whisper scream" which basically means I lost my cool and totally yelled at him, only through clenched teeth and in a whisper volume. I said something like "DON'T COME IN HERE AGAIN!" and of course he did and woke up Libby. Whatever.

My brother in law Jim (the traveling preacher) has enjoyed our Wii, (pronounced "wee") which Jimmy bought last week. (I will not comment on how I had to wait until AFTER my birthday to get new shoes because tax free week started the next day, but he can, with little thought, purchase a new game system. Plus tax of course.) So anyway, Jim keeps making comments like "We like to wii in the den" and "We could wii for hours" and "wii-ing gives us pleasure" and "wii-ing makes me warm all over" but my NON preaching husband comes up with "I like to touch my wii while I look at the TV" and we all laugh until we have no strength left in our arms. No, wait, that's from bowling.

So I wanted to post our final "after" picture from our trip earlier this summer because Jimmy never did and I haven't forgotten about it. This will give you a good picture of how we all feel after being away from home for days. Only now I am in the final trimester of my pregnancy and find it nearly impossible to turn around backwards from the passenger seat to help little people. I do enjoy, though, chastising Jimmy for almost cursing under his breath at other drivers while listening to headphones. It's as if he thinks I can't hear him because he can't hear himself. Yes, this is how Jimmy copes with traveling with little people and a pregnant wife. He wears headphones while he drives. Most of the time me and Cash are the only ones not connected to some kind of electronic device.

Here's the picture. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to wii in the bathroom.


Jeremy's fam said...

My husband wears headphones while driving too... I think it is just to drown out my talking. Also, we are all addicted to the Catan game! Christiane bought it the next day. I hope you can come to girls night again!

allhisblessings said...

I'm terribly sorry for our wii little influence! :)

ps. I'm tagging you. Come to my blog for more info.