Our Trip! Part Three

The following is an interview with myself (Julie) and Penelope (age 7) about the third leg of our trip, our time in Niagara Falls.

Mom:  Tell me about the first thing you saw when we got to Canada.
Penelope:  The toll bridge when Cash had to use all his money.

Mom:  Why did Cash have to use his money?
Penelope:  Because Mom and Dad didn't have any at that time.

Mom: Do you remember how much to cost to cross the bridge into Canada?
Penelope: $13, right?

Mom: No, that's not right.  We're going to move on. Where did we stay in Niagara Falls?
Penelope:  In a hotel.

Mom:  Did you enjoy your stay in the hotel?
Penelope:  OH YEAH!!

Mom: Could you expand on that please?
Penelope:  I had a lot of fun because I liked going to the pool and I liked that we had a big hotel room.

Mom:  Do you remember the first time we saw the falls?
Penelope: Yes.

Mom:  What was going through your head when you saw them?
Penelope: It was cool.  (Takes off her clothes and says, "OH these pants are so sweaty!")

Mom:  What was your favorite view of the falls?
Penelope:  I like the boat.

Mom:  Could your describe your experience on the boat?
Penelope:  It was very cool because we...it was awesome because it was very cool because....because...(giggling...) It was very cool because, um... (laughing...) because we got free ponchos and we got to ride on this boat and we got like 15 feet close to Niagara Falls.  It was cool because I found my own loonie.  It wasn't really a loonie, it was 10 cents.  Overall I found 35 cents because I found one 10 cents and one 25 cents.  I found my own coin under the falls.

Mom:  Moving on...What is "the strip?"
Penelope:  OH the Strip!  The Strip!  We call it the strip except without the "p".  It was the coolest at nighttime because all the lights were on.  It was so cool, it was like the best thing about going to Canada.  Oooooh.  Nailed it!

Mom:  Could you try to use to use an adjective besides cool?
Penelope: Good!  (laughing.) Sorry.  It was amazing.  And good.  And cool.  And it was way colder than it is in Tallahassee.  It was like boom!  I love the air!  I love the air SOOOOOOO much.

Mom:  (silence)
Penelope:  Ask me another question!  Hey, you're writing stuff I didn't say!  Stop writing stuff I didn't say!

Mom:  Okay, could you please think very hard and tell me one more thing you experienced at Niagara Falls that you will remember forever?
Penelope: OH! My pencil thingy!  I bought a pencil thingy and then I bought some gum.

Mom: Is there anything else you would like to tell me?
Penelope:  I didn't like it that much because it wasn't in the United States but I loved it still.  THEEEEE ENNNND.


Jackson Alley said...

I love the air SOOOOOO much!!!

Jenn Batey said...


Mom: Silence.

Yes. I experience that near weekly. Mainly after I edit papers or check spelling.

Cool, and good.