Our Trip! Part One

This post contributed by Libby Alley.

Our first stop was the Phillip's house, south of Nashville, TN.  When we got to the Phillip's they gave us a tour of their house. We got to meet their dog, Toto. The girls slept in the same room and the boys slept in another room.

After we woke up the next morning Mrs. Stacy had made us a delicious french toast cassorole.(it tastes as good as it sounds.) We played "Just Dance" with them on the TV after breakfast. After that, we decided to walk to their neighborhood pool and swim. It was very big, but it was also very cold. after we got used to it, we had a lot of fun! When we were done swimming,we went to the park next to the pool. There was a rock wall, swings, slides, and lots other fun things. Then we got some bread from our car and walked to the lake close to their house and fed the fish and the turtles. There was a big fish who every one in awhile popped out of the water and grabbed a piece of bread and when back down again. It was fun to watch him.

After that we went for a walk in a civil war battlefield for about 30 minutes to an hour, then we went home. The parents went to downtown Franklin and ate at Chili's and the kids ate chilli and watched a movie while Jackson babysat us. Then we went to leave the next morning.

The next day for lunch we stopped in Louisville, KY at Ms. Darcy, Madeliene, Nena, and Eloise's house.  We ate yummy sandwiches for lunch and played for a few hours.  We had a blast!

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