The Fourth of July

We headed down to Waldo for our annual big family get together the week of July 4th. So thankful for my sisters and their families and of course my parents for loving my six kids and embracing the chaos. 

Penelope was excited to see Pop Pop's chicks, which aren't so little anymore. But she still managed to hold one. 

Dad has built an amazing chicken coop complete with an automatic refilling water dispenser made out of a five gallon bucket and a toilet valve. Chickens have never had it so good. 

After asking on many previous visits, Juliet was allowed to make her mark on the upstairs bathroom shower curtain. 

This year was the first annual photo scavenger hunt at the Waldo flea market. One of the things on our extensive 65 item list (find as many things as you can in one hour) was incorrect grammar. I of course was delighted to find a use of unnecessary quotation marks. 

Of course when you're living the lake life there's lots of skiing. Sometimes it becomes so commonplace you suck your thumb. 

Here's me and Slim. Why must I always grimace like this instead of smiling? It's ridiculous. Stay behind the camera Julie Alley. 

Sunday we all filed in to church together and happily listened to Pop Pop give the children's sermon. It was about chicks and coveting. Not coveting rather. 

Juliet perfected the disc swing!

Aunt Susan and the girls watching one of the many ultimate frisbee games in the backyard. Ultimate!!

And someone enjoyed crawling all over the upstairs loft. 

Happy Fourth of July!!

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