Summer 2015 - June

The much anticipated visit from the Texas cousins finally came. My sister and her two boys Adam and Lincoln came to Florida and cousin fun began.

We headed next door to swim quite a bit. 


We made our annual trip to Wakulla Springs. 

Adam and Lincoln love the springs! And Juliet!

I bought these two matching suits this year. Which I have to tell you, makes me smile inside and out. 

We went to Tropical Smoothie for FIp Flop Day and got free smoothies for all. 


We had a fun (tiring and hot) trip to the beach with the Mitchells and Altrogges. The Alleys did it! We had a successful beach day! With a baby!

 Chillin' in the wagon. 

Digging and building. 

Too big to dig and build- now they read books. (And eat.)

The next week it was VBS for Cash and Pip. Then Juliet had a special un-birthday party to celebrate  how wonderful she is, and to make up for the fact that she doesn't really have a chance to have parties since her birthday is on New Years Eve.

Penelope had to say goodbye to her best friend Ellie, who moved to Texas. Such a hard thing for her to do! And hard as a mommy to have to walk her through it. 

 And to end the month we had a huge storm blast down our street, leaving trees down and according to the paper, making Killarney Way look like a "war zone." This is our neighbors roof, which was damaged by a huge pine tree. 

Happy Summer!

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