What your leggings are saying

Last Friday night I was out with my friend Carey. I began to complain about leggings. She laughed, informing me that lots of legging talk has been floating around facebook. I wasn't aware of this, and learning so would usually cause me to leave this subject alone, but I just can't help it. Whoever decided that leggings were acceptable as pants should be shot. 

Leggings are meant to wear under real clothes. Leggings are the camisoles of the lower half of the body. Leggings can be worn under real pants, to keep oneself warm. Leggings go under dresses or long tunics. 

Yet still people wear leggings as if they were a pair of jeans. I have seen women with t shirts tucked in their leggings. Who do you think you are? Are you aware of what you look like from behind? Do you want everyone to stare at your rear end? Because everyone is. 

Leggings have a voice. A loud, snobby, overpowering voice. They strip you of your own opinions and speak for you. Let me tell you what your leggings are saying. 

"I'm younger than you and my butt is cute. "

"I exercise a lot and I'm proud of it."

"Your worn out body is waaay  too out of shape for the likes of me."

"Don't you think you should eat less carbs?"

"When I'm a mom I'll never wear worn out sweatshirts and old sneakers to the park."

"I like to wear my undergarments out in public and society is rewarding me for it."

"You suck."

Do you want to communicate this to me? You don't? Then don't wear leggings. Please don't wear leggings unless you cover your rear end.  There are these things called pants. Try them out. 

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