Mold is Organic

Lately I've been thinking a lot about mold and mildew. I've been wondering why it gets such a bad rap. Why do people decide not to buy a house because it has mold? Why do people wear special masks and try to eradicate its existence? Why is it all of a sudden some toxic substance that will reak havoc on your entire system?

This is what I know about mold. It grows where there is moisture. It is a fungus. Oh wait. Was I talking about mushrooms? Because both are true about them. 

I've always got some sort of mold growing somewhere all the time. Whether it's bad fruit in my fridge or the grout in my shower, it's always around. And I'm tired of feeling like a terrible housekeeper or bad mom because of it. 

The same people who, in my mind, make me feel bad about it, are the same folk who make me feel bad about shopping at Wal Mart or not buying all organic food. You know what? Mold is organic. 

And while we're on the topic...Why is it acceptable to compost, basically creating a mold pit in your backyard, but if my toilet has a ring of black dots I should worry about my baby going into respiratory arrest? Doesn't that moldy compost make your organic vegetables yummier?

I will not feel guilty about mold. We have an understanding. I agree to give it a few square inches in my house, and it promises not to judge me. I refuse to feel guilty. 

That said, if anyone wants to come scrub my shower, please, feel free. 

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