Vacay before the Babay

For the past three days we had the amazing opportunity to stay at a beach condo in Panama City Beach. It was a generous gift from a couple in our small group from church.

The condo was huge and wonderful and I forgot to take any photos of the inside of it. Hey, I was on vacation. So photography is optional. 

Three was the number of the trip. Three pools, three nights, three televisions.  When you don't have cable, you enjoy lots of HGTV and Disney channel. 

And there were three trips down to the beach as well. It was very relaxing and fun being together without the daily grind. I enjoyed the weightlessness of swimming and everyone else in the family enjoyed the hot tubs. 

When you vacation in the middle of the week after school has begun, there aren't many kids around. So basically it was us and a bunch of retired couples. But hey, we don't care.  We can hang with the leatherbacks. 

And when you're less than three weeks from your due date and you're waddling around in a swimsuit you can feel the stares. They bore into your belly. But I can let those roll too. We are on vacation. 

One of my favorite parts was watching Penelope play with a sticky hand she got at Dave & Busters, the arcade where we took the kids with a coupon. It was one of those things you fling and stick the hand to stuff and it grabs papers and sticks to walls and such. Just very Penelope. She carried it everywhere, even to the beach. I love it when kids can be entertained and have fun with something so small. 

Last night we enjoyed ice cream and The Lego Movie. I love my family. 

I think I will remember the trip for a long time; such a gift to be able to go, and sort of our last hurrah before baby number six.  I will be tracking contractions before long. Vacay over, time to get down to baby business. 

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