Snapshot of Now

Yesterday after a decent morning of home school the children began their normal post lunch pre-  quiet time play.  It's always something.  I love it.  They love each other and they love playing together.  Yesterday, however, was especially messy.  I'm not really sure exactly how or why or when, but the house had become quite a mess of toys and pretend.  Much of it was a large cardboard box.  I let them cut it up and play with it because it is, quite simply, art.  But the aftermath can make a mom a little loopy.

From experience, I knew the only way I could get them to put everything back in order without literally standing over them with a spanking stick was if I withheld food from them.  I told them that I would not allow them to eat anything else until they had cleaned up.  I cleaned half the kitchen, then told them that the rest of the kitchen and two main living areas had to be up to the same standard.  There would be no snack, no dinner, until it was finished.

To make a long story short, they did get to eat dinner.  Some of them had snack.

And then, during dinner, I remember shaking my head as I found myself calling them back to the table and telling them that they could not get up and play until they finished their food.

The irony!  You can't eat until you clean up from playing!  You can't play until you finish eating!  Ahhh!

Meanwhile, I am so pregnant I think amniotic fluid is going to start oozing out my eyeballs.  I am no fun to be around.  I'm trying to be nice but I don't want anyone touching me, or touching the bed I am sitting on, or getting in my way if I'm walking somewhere.  I can't sit comfortably.  I can't stand for long periods.  Lying down is okay...until my hips begin to ache and the leg cramps begin.

I am severely with child.  I always reach a point where I feel so gross and so huge and have nothing to wear that I declare, "I'm not leaving this house again until it is time to go to the hospital!"  Sadly, I feel I hit this place a few weeks ago.  But life goes on and I am trying to stay mobile, for fear that I will not be able to make it to the hospital when it really is time.

In my head I keep picturing Leonardo DiCaprio in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" when he tells people, "I could go at any time..." He means he may die, of course, but I mean I may go into labor.  I could go at any time.  I'm trying to keep things in order here, as I don't want to be caught with my pants down so to speak if I have to leave all of a sudden.  (Not a great metaphor, since I certainly don't want to deliver a baby with my pants up.)

I think our dog has pica.  She eats crayons.  This has nothing to do with anything.

I just dumped my phone of all photos so as to have plenty of space for snapshots of the babe.  The last time I dumped it was right before I found out I was pregnant.  So it is sort of a photo journal of my pregnancy.  Interesting and wonderful.  Funny that nesting, now, includes not only cleaning out closets and junk drawers, but also dumping memory cards and phone photos.  It's a virtual nesting.

A few days ago the new bathroom was finished to the point of being able to use the toilet and sink.  It is almost totally done...just some details to go.  Jimmy banned the children from what can now be called our bathroom and it is nice.  We have a master bathroom.  It has been 10 years since we lived in the apartment and had one.

So that's pretty much it.  A snapshot of our life now.  Before adding another member to the j train.  I am praying for a safe delivery and a healthy and strong baby girl.  Last night Juliet felt her hiccuping (which I called kicking) and was so thrilled she came up to me a few times today and put her hands on my belly to see if she could feel something again.  We all feel something...very excited and blessed and ready to meet her!

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