Meet the newest member of The J Train.

We got a dog for Christmas.  The children are thrilled.  She is doing well.

Libby has been asking and praying for a long time.  And here is Jovie.

She was a little shaggy.  Had lots of matted hair.  Since I cut the hair of all the people in our family, I hope to learn to cut the dog's hair as well.  However, for this first grooming I needed a professional.  She was pretty weighed down, as you can see from the before and after.  Yes, this is all the same dog.

Since it's been pretty cold, I bought her a clearance Christmas sweater today for $3.50.  She lost quite a bit of natural sweater.  They had to cut super short to rid her fur off all the yuck.

Welcome to the family, Jovie.  If you know how to beg for food, go to bed when you're told, and sit still for an occasional hair cut, you should fit right in with the other kids around here.

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