Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from the J Train!

Here is a photo taken at the Integrity Realty Christmas Party.  I was not there, I had photo appointments.  Jimmy took the children and said that they did these on their own...he didn't
prompt them or go over to the photo set up with them.

I love these photos.  They are wearing their everyday clothes.  Their hair isn't fixed.  They are high on sugar.  But there is a level of teamwork involved here, and this makes my first semester of home school feel like a success.  This was my goal.  A team building year.

Having kids who are healthy, full of personality, and who get along with each other...at least long enough to take a photograph...this is the best gift I could get.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Peace on earth and goodwill to men.

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