The phone camera

Since I got the iPhone, I have enjoyed using the camera. Mostly because the only camera I've had for years is heavy bulky and expensive. So I am afraid of dropping it in water or can't really lug it to a place where I can watch it all the time.

Enter the phone camera. I can snap a quick pic of my kids without running inside and unzipping my puffy bag and making sure the right lens is attached. I appreciate being able to get the quick snapshot.

Mostly, I like the angles I can get holding out a phone at arms length or up from the ground or around my body- stuff I can't pull off very easily with my big camera.

And don't fall off your chair, but I am even writing this blog and uploading these photos from my phone... Jimmy is using the computer and usually I just wouldn't blog but there is no excuse now.

If you know me you know that this blatant use of technology will assuredly bring on the end of the world quite soon. Either that or you will see a few pigs flying out your window. But it is what it is. I'm all for writing and I'm all for photography in any form. I also love a baby in a tub. Who wouldn't?

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