Juliet is 2 and UFO sightings

Our sweet baby Juliet had her second birthday December 31st.  We had a wonderful lunch party with both sets of grandparents and Aunt Becky, three cousins, and a new friend.  I had asked Juliet what she wanted to eat at her party and she said "Apples."  So since that was all I had to go on, we just had an apple party.

Cupcakes, presents, fish tacos, mac and cheese, apples of course, and big brothers who want to be in all the pictures.  It was a good time had by all.  I can't believe my baby is two and it seriously hurts just a little but I am so thankful for her overall softness, cuteness, and even keeled personality.  We love you Juliet Hope!

To ring in the New Year later that night my other sister and family had arrived and all the cousins made hot air balloons made out of plastic trash bags, birthday candles, straws, and Scotch tape.  We have done this in the past and all get a kick out of watching them ascend into the air and stay lit for hundreds of yards as they drift through the sky.  We are hoping that somewhere out there is a crazy person who believes in extraterrestrial life and sees one of our balloons so we can add fuel to their fire and belief in UFOs.

Libby and Elise teamed up to create the S.S. Elizabeth.  This was actually their second balloon.  Both went super far!

We did have to save some of the balloons for the next night due to wind direction.  My mom is always worried about starting a fire and got in her car to try and track the balloons, but we all just stood there and watched them.  But they drifted out of sight before we saw the light go out when they burnt up.  It is always amazing to me that eight half size birthday candles can carry the bag and stay lit for so long.

 Cash teamed up with Aunt Becky.  Theirs burned up because they experimented and used a different size bag but he didn't seem to mind.  There were plenty that took off.

Birthday candles for Juliet, birthday candles for a hot air balloon, celebration of the New Year and 2nd birthday had by all.  Happy Birthday Juliet and Happy New Year crazy people who believe in UFO's!  We're glad we can do our part to help you celebrate.

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happy birthday Juliet!