Happy All Saints' Day

The kids costumes yesterday were as usual fun and cute and creative.  I enjoy coming up with and helping them come up with ideas and how to execute them.  Creativity is, after all, much about the process itself.

Jackson, leading the pack in costume creativity, was a Blue Man.  From the famous performing art trio, The Blue Man Group.  He has wanted to be this in years past but we finally pulled it off.  And pulled it off he did...as soon as I finished painting him he did not speak, as the Blue Men are mute.  Not speaking is totally out of character for Jackson so we were all impressed at his ability to stay in character.  He didn't even say "Trick or Treat" or "Thank You."  He'd just make his eyes real big and stare at people.  Super. Cool.

Libby was an artist.  This is quite the stretch for me and Libby.  We have nothing that resembles art materials around here anywhere.  EXCEPT NOT AT ALL!  Libby decided on an artist months ago and has been worried about my lack of preparation but I knew it would be easy to make her look like the wonderful artist she is.

Cash is Steve, from Mine Craft.  This needs no explanation.  Either you know the game or you don't.  But if you do, you know that Cash was and is, awesome in this costume.  Although he couldn't see really at all and had to be led around by Jimmy or I as if we were seeing eye dogs.

Penelope was a kitty cat.  She is wearing a cat head and tail I think sewn by someone in my family but I can't remember who gave me the costume!  Thank you whoever made it!  I put together the rest and painted her little whiskers and she was off.  Although she ended up in the stroller much of the time.  Cats need their rest.

Juliet wasn't really into it.  She was fighting a cold and cried every time she saw the Blue Man.  Or the Mine Craft head.  She didn't like her tights or angel costume at first but obediently sat in the stroller all through the neighborhood and enjoyed a lollipop and some Smarties.

All in all I learned two things:
#1-  If I want to shut Jackson up all I have to do is paint his face blue...
#2-  Trick or Treating isn't easy with a blind 6 year old who already screams your name on a regular basis and now has an excuse to do it even more and even louder...

Happy All Saints' Day!

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allhisblessings said...

Awesome Blue Man! Hmm, I think I might paint my kids blue next year and see what happens....