Smoke and Smile

 This is me.  Look at me, furiously trying to write a blog before bedtime.

This is me this week.  I am nursing a son with an earache and a baby with a fever.  The other three started home school.  A little crazy but there are always extraneous circumstances, so it feels quite normal.

Last year my mom gave me this old phonics book and I really enjoy looking at the pictures. 


This is my chance to explain outdated contraptions like a radio.  The things you learn in Alley's Home School.  It's rich!

This is my tribute to one of my favorite shows, House Hunters.  And my husband.  If I could get him to wear this outfit and carry a gun like this he'd be quite the realtor indeed...

This is not something we teach of course, but it is too funny not to share.  Actually, we did learn about it.  How people used to think smoking was cool.  That they did it in front of their kids and everything.  It's health class in the 21st century!

Here is what really goes on.  When you buy new Playdough the students go wild!

Juliet kept making the cheese face.

This was while she was on the fever medication.  Feelin' drugged and good, baby.

I love my students.

This is my pseudo student, home from school with his ear pain.  He begged me all day to let him stay home for good.  My home school is that good!  (Granted, all he did for schoolwork was read a good book.)

We teach you to smoke and smile.  Not really.  But if the tobacco is a metaphor for an enriched, vintage education, with some crazy on the side, you're going to want to light up at our house.  (I like how he has a cigarette and a bowl of tobacco and pipe.  Like he's switching back and forth.  The ridiculousness of it all!)

Here's to a school year when we don't learn to smoke and smile.  I think I can handle that.

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Jenn Batey said...

Julie...I'm CRYING! LOL!