A Date Night Miracle

We had date night last night. This is a huge event. We never go out on dates unless we have grandparents in town who can babysit.

So what did we do??? What do you do on such an occasion?

It is intimidating. But not really. Because we don't really care what we do. As long as it is with each other and without children.

We went to Carrabba's. Ate with a gift card AND a coupon. Not afraid to appear cheap. I overloaded on sweet tea. (The rest of the night I had to pee every half hour.)

Then we went to the gas station and cleaned Jimmy's car and vacuumed it. Because that's exactly what you want to do on date night when you're full of Carrabba's up to the top of your esophagus. You want to bend over and vacuum the floor of a car. And those of you who have ridden in Jimmy's car before know it's...well...MESSY. We pull up and get out and he says, "Don't throw away anything that looks important." Which cracked me up because all I had on my side was a stack of papers in the floor covered with dirt and leaves and such.

We went to this fancy place with rows of parking spaces and high power vacuums that are FREE. We each grabbed one and went at it from both sides. About 25% into it, Jimmy announced that he was going to win. I had no idea we were racing. The vacuuming was full of laughing and trash talking and fun. We ended up tying. It was a date night miracle.

After the vacuuming Jimmy asked me if I wanted to get the car washed. I said, "Do we have to do it ourselves?" and he said, "Maybe."

But no, we (and this is ONLY on a date night, folks) sprang for the $8 car wash and held hands while we were guided by machine through a foamy paradise. Before we went in a young man cleaned our windows and sang "More than a Feeling" (Boston) as we entered into the tunnel. "I see my Maryann walking away..." It was, yes, a date night miracle.

Where can the date night go from here? Well, we weren't done yet. Target was next. It was not extremely exciting but when you can take your time and have no kids, it's super. Target was complete with a four year old-ish boy at the checkout (where we paid with a gift card) throwing a major tantrum ("I want it! I want it!") really loudly and it was like a message from the Lord reminding us to be grateful our children were not with us. And we were. Truly. Really.

Then we went to Old Navy. Bought some stuff. Yes, with a gift card. I don't know how we do it. It was a date night miracle.

Then you know what I did? I went to Publix and didn't push a cart. And even though I needed groceries, I didn't buy them. I bought some cookies instead and ate them immediately. No one else ate them. Just me. And when I got home I hid the box so no one knows where they are.

It was a date night miracle.


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As always, hilarious and so true!