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Today I was mending a book that I have had since Jackson was a baby. Recommended by my sister, it has served me well and has been well loved by all my babies. I love this book. It is called First Hundred Words by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright. I love it because it is useful, helpful, and the scenes encapsulate my life. The expressions on their faces capture what they are feeling and these mundane moments (and the family that experiences them together) are celebrated. I really love it.

Look at the baby and mommy in the pool with a bare bottom. Who doesn't want to remember that forever when it's happening to you?

Here is my baby with the living room scene. Dad is playing, Mom is reading a book and all is right in the house.

Do you see what I mean about capturing the moment and expression?

This happens all the time at my house. Kitchen chaos. Only my baby would probably be playing with sharpies under the table instead of spoons.

I love bath time. I love this illustration. May I never forget the many times I've experienced this in our bathroom. Everyone is happier when they're clean.

Nothing needs to be said. (Except I forgot to mention that this little yellow duck hides on every page. It is so fun for a child to find. It never gets old.)

The Dad's face on this is priceless. It encapsulates how most dad's feel when given a baby and a bottle. "What's your problem?" And... "You can't do this yourself?"

I had so much fun photographing this book I decided to make a little visual list of some of our other staples around here. These are some of the first books I start with as early as possible. I could not parent without these books. They have been regulars with every single child.

This one especially with the boys. It has just the right amount of words on each page. An awesome introduction to different kinds of trucks.

This is Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider in board book form. I can teach animals, their sounds, the sign language for them, and repetition. I enjoy trying to say, "Want to roll in the mud?" how a pig might say it. Hey, it's my theatrical outlet.

And speaking of Eric Carle, he still did the artwork, but the words are by Bill Martin Jr. I actually have an autographed copy (by Martin) but I have no idea where it came from. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? is a whole blog in and of itself, but you get colors, animal names, signs, rhythm...it is wonderful.

A classic. Hard for Juliet to sit still for this one for some reason, but I read it with commitment anyway. I love books that rhyme. "Good night nobody, good night mush."

A must have for body parts, this one recently lost the back two pages. I'm going to fix it. It's been through all five kids.

Dr. Suess is also another post, but these two are my favorite for toddlers. They start to finish your sentences once you read them enough and it makes you so proud!

Besides, are there any illustrations better than Mr. Brown? Look at him! He is awesome!

I can't read the board book version of this because they shorten it. They leave out cute pages like Mr. Brown making a sound like a goldfish kiss.

Also love The Eye Book. Written by Dr. Suess (as Theo LeSieg) but not illustrated by. All the kids love pink underpants.

After I finished photographing the books I stacked them up next to this floor chair and later caught Juliet sitting there reading them.

I did not set this up! She was just doing it. I did turn one of the book right side up, but the pure joy from reading is hers alone.

Then later, I caught her sitting at the table with someones school work. They learn by example! Read to your kids!!

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Emily said...

Thanks for the fantastic book list Julie! Henry's birthday is next week and I am only buying him books...perfect timing!! Hope you guys are doing well. Happy Easter!