Hello Monday! Hello new Julie Alley Photography website.

Today I launch my brand new photography website and just thought I'd put it on the j train for a little additional self-promotion.

This weekend someone asked me how long I've been taking pictures. I had to do the math and it made me feel old to have to say 17 years! I guess one good thing to come with age is experience.

Here is the link. From the website you can go to my blog and facebook page. Thanks for taking the time to look!


Much love,

Thanks to:
Jimmy (for numerous reasons)
Tara for the logo/pics of me (sorry for stepping on your counter top)
Gary for the beach photo (sorry I didn't ask if I could use it)
Jeremy/Christopher for website help for many years (and for 3X5 cards)
Everyone in every single one of my photos!

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Danielle Kagy said...

Thank you for all the times you have blessed our family by capturing our moments! We love you and love your new site!