Yellow chair Yard Sale

Well, although I vowed to spend this week strategizing and planning ways to make school more efficient in my home, I instead spent today organizing, pricing, and piling up all the items I have collected for a yard sale. I have hit a point where I can't stand this extra crap in my home and in my crawl space for another week and so I'm going to stick it out on the lawn on Saturday and let the chips fall where they may. I have learned many interesting things about myself and my relationship with money. This one chair in particular, a comfy yellow rocker I reupholstered myself, has been sitting in my living room looking really ugly for quite a few months now and I want to kick it to the curb but have held off, thinking someone might want to buy it. I bought it for $5 myself at a garage sale and so really can't expect to get much more than that out of it. Is it worth months of the chair bothering me to maybe make five bucks off it? NO! But this is who I am, so it still sits, waiting for a price tag and a sale, earning me a little satisfaction that I did my part for the family. That I wasn't wasteful. That I helped someone else (I'll try not to gag as I write this...) recycle.

After working all day on this task and suffering the allergenic consequences, I realized that the majority of the items I'm selling were already either handed down to me or bought at a garage sale or thrift store themselves so what in the world do I think I'm doing? Does anyone else really want my junk? Is a penny saved really a penny earned? And why don't I donate it to a worthy cause? Are the truly thrifty really greedy deep down? Is my need to save and go to way too much effort for a load of junk hereditary? Will I ever be able to spend money without feeling guilty? If Jimmy says, "Let's buy such and such..." will I ever be able to give him a huge smile and say "OKAY!"? These are questions about myself I may never have answered. But I admit, if I can get more than $5 out of the nasty yellow chair, I'll feel pretty good. Will all this effort be worth the pay off? I'll keep you posted. ha.

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