For Mom Only

Well, vacation is over soon. Garage sale is done ($102 and a lot less junk later), Christmas is put away. Tomorrow Jimmy is back to work, I'm exercising at the park, schooling, and attempting potty training. I meant to take this next week off and do some major planning for school, but Jackson is expecting to have work to do, so I'm going to dish it out, no matter how unorganized I am behind the scenes. The kids don't know. I tried to get some things done today and actually did but ended up getting side tracked and doing things like collecting my own back to school box and making this message on the top. My personal pencil box is full of unbroken crayons, adult sized scissors, markers with lids (that are the right color), and sharp pencils. I'm not bitter. I'm glad the kids are at work with paper, pencils, and scissors, but I'm a little tired of sharing and never being able to find a pencil that works or a pair of scissors that aren't preschool sized. At a home school, you don't have a big brown intimidating desk with a drawer that locks; giving you at least a small amount of personal space. My students not only invade my personal space, they begin doing so rather early in the morning and until the sun goes down. I showed Jimmy my pencil box. He laughed. Not because he thought I was funny. Because he knows it will never last! Oh well. I can't help trying.


Lori W said...

yeah well, I tried it in a classroom WITH the big brown desk...and pencils imprinted "Miss Wilbanks' Pencil"...think I have a single one left? no way....they lasted about a month. Good luck! ;)

allhisblessings said...

Awesome! I'm getting one :)