T'was the night before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas
and in every room
Noise maker fans were blowing
I was using a broom

The stockings were hung
by the door with thumb-tacks
For Penelope, Cash,
Libby, and Jack

With Jim in his boxers
and I in my chair
J-train miracles
were filling the air

I've nursed the baby
and put her to sleep
The presents under
the tree in a heap

When all of a sudden
there arose such a clatter
We muted the T.V.
To see what was the matter

Libby's crying I think
she fell out of her bed
"You help her," "no you!
She might've hit her head"

I'm trying to blog,
Jimmy's got gas
I hold my breath
for this too shall pass

Just wanted to share a picture of our first Christmas here with ourselves. Jimmy is taking it hard, being the party animal that he is. He's being a good sport even though I know he'd rather be with a crowd. I told him I would post a picture of his Christmas pizza. For the record, my pizza included spinach, making it red and green AND good for you. Jackson said, "pickles are good for you mom, they're cucumbers!" Anyways, we also unlocked the key to a group photo with Cash. Turn on T.V., Place camera on tripod directly in front of T.V., Place child on couch, Promise a lollipop if he sits still. This is our first family photo without me sitting on a hospital

God has come to earth in the form of a baby. I have a newborn baby. It is truly a humble being. Babies cannot do anything on their own. They need help for everything. It was truly a humiliating thing to become not only a man, but a tiny helpless one. Accompanied by angels and cow poop. My baby is angelic and poopy. And I don't give serving her a second thought. May it be the same for my Savior. May I serve Him freely and selflessly.

Peace to You.
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a Good Night!


Christopher Bennage said...

I particularly like that last stanza.

Darcy said...

You are so great Julie!!! Thanks for the post...you always make me smile and laugh. BTW, I always find myself bringing you up in discussions here in Vero about mommyhood. Your wisdom is being shared across FL!