stuff I don't want to forget

Just making notes of things I'd like to tell my kids one day, but am afraid I won't remember...
  • Whenever Jackson gives Penelope a kiss, he plants his lips on her cheek, goes totally still like a statue and holds his lips there for approximately (I've counted) 12 seconds. I always have to ask him to back off, it lasts so long. He responds with, "Mom, I wanted to give her a wedding kiss!"
  • Libby saying that Penelope is the cutest baby in the "whole white word" (whole wide world)
  • Yesterday I asked Libby to wash her hands and face after dinner. She did her hands but not her face and when I told her that her mouth was still dirty, she told me that it was not lasagna on her face, but that her freckles had just moved around.
  • My children have used sharpie to write on clothing, wood floors (twice), tile floors, my dry erase board, our dining room table, a decorative pillow sham, and themselves. These markers to me have begun to represent my identity as a person outside of being a mom. I love them so much, I still keep them around even though they are "mommy markers" and are NOT for children. I refuse to rid myself of sharpies. I will put aside breakable items, valuable books and documents, and electronics, but sharpies will remain plentiful in my home.
  • Last week Cash bit the tip off a yellow Crayola marker. I did NOT look for this in his diapers. If he wants to make art on the inside of his body, that is his choice as a modern artist. If only something recognizable came out into his poop--maybe we could take the kid to NYC and make a buck.
  • My favorite kissing spot on Penelope is right between her eyes. I don't want to forget this because I know I've had a favorite spot on all my kids when they were infants, but I can't remember the others for sure. This makes me sort of sad.
I hate that I'm going to forget everyday stuff like this. I wish I had a big sharpie in my brain to circle certain things that happen in my day. You think you're going to remember your sweet baby boy yelling "bye bye...love you" over and over, and hopefully you will, but you never know if you'll be able to or not, and which events will stick. I am thankful that my life is so full that there are too many memories to keep track of. If anyone reading this wants to make some memories, you can borrow a child or two any time. Just kidding.


Sandra Bennage said...

I love the moveable freckles! And, what I wouldn't do for mental sharpies...

Jake Mathews said...

Aunt Julie, U R SOOOO funny! I love EVERYTHING you post in your totally awesome blog!