Wonderful- Mother's Day 2017

There have been many things happening lately that deserve a blog post, but maybe I will have to catch up at another time.  I just spent a wonderful day with my family so I wanted to post it here to remember forever.

My day started with Jimmy brining sweet Violet into our bed for some morning cuteness.  Lately I have been thinking about how we treat her as if she is so small, but when Cash was her age I had already had another baby and that baby was a year old!  It's all relative.  I mourn her quickly receding baby-ness, but at the same time remind myself I must embrace the next phase.  After all, I've already entered the next phase and the one after that!

My parents were here today- Yay! We ate breakfast and made lunch preparations together, then I headed to church a bit ahead of everyone to get the Mother's Day Photo Booth ready.  After a bit of troubleshooting to deal with the wind, we were good to go.

I'm not sure I am really laughing for real or that I am able to laugh about the days that come, but we practice the discipline of these things so that they become truth for us.

After church we got to eat with my parents, then I played a game with the kids (because usually I would have said, "No I'm taking a nap" but I feel like I need to accept on Mother's Day- after all I'm not a mother without them!) and then I actually did take a nap. Before I laid Violet down for her nap, she needed a band-aid, and my Mom said "Take a picture of her sitting there so you can remember her just like she is right now."  So here she is, on the counter, where she spends a lot of her time actually.  (It is very sweet.  She talks to me while I cook.)  My parents headed home.  I took a walk by myself, then went to visit a friend who had surgery this week.

Then we all loaded up in the car, picked up some dinner and took the kids to a park downtown with a splash pad.  They had a really great time, although two little girls kept hovering in the middle of the splash pad, which is the most fun part, so my kids were kind of bummed.  Jimmy and Jackson and I kept encouraging them to just go up there and wait their turn, and it was little Juliet who finally jumped in.  It's kind of like King of the Hill.  My tentative home schoolers don't have much practice in asserting themselves on the playground, so to speak.  Pretty funny.  Go Juliet!

Now we are all home and everyone is tired and I'm going to edit photos, but not for too long, it is, after all, Mother's Day.  But yesterday I photographed a cute one year old birthday/cake smash and I want to see how they came out.  Plus all the photos from the booth at church!  Such a privilege.

It has been a wonderful Mother's Day.  I do not know why being a mom is so wonderful.  It is one of those things that is so wonderful you cannot explain it.  I don't even mind using the word wonderful so many times.

My heart goes out to all those who struggle to find their way to becoming parents but am also very encouraged by all the stories of foster care and adoption I have come in contact with in the past few years.

I can not even imagine what heaven will be like, but we must get a glimpse of it in our children.  The way Jimmy and I enjoy watching them- this must be what God feels as our Heavenly Father.  Such love for us.  And our abundant life gets to begin now and go on forever.  It is wonderful!

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