Happy 15th Birthday Jackson!

Though a little late, I didn't want to pass up a blog about Jackson's 15th birthday.  At our house we only get a "friend party" every other year, and for years 11 and 13 Jackson chose to take trips instead of a party.  So he was due a fun one.  He organized it all himself, and graciously invited not only friends his age, but entire families, most with kids not even his age!

He hosted a game night!  It was lots of fun and included Bohnanza, Trump (as in the Donald Trump game from the 1980s), Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and of course Settlers of Catan.

We also had a movie playing for the little kids and lots of fun games in the backyard which the non table top game playing kids initiated themselves.

Instead of a cake, Jackson requested cinnamon rolls, and we made the ultimate game night snack- the Nachos of Catan.

It was fun for all and as his mother I was of course happy to see how many people love my boy and blessed him on his birthday.  He is definitely worth loving.

He also got his learner's permit a few days after his birthday- this has been somewhat anti-climatic.  I think teaching a teenager to drive may be a bit like having a baby on TV.  On TV, you see parents who are teaching their child to drive as these panic stricken crazy people and the teenagers are always doing something over the top stupid.  Like a woman in labor on TV is yelling crazy things and/or doing something totally unrealistic like smiling with perfect makeup right after the baby is born.  All that to say, I expected teaching Jackson to drive to be like it is on TV.  It's not.  It's actually quite boring riding around a parking lot at 5 mph.  I found myself saying things like, "Okay, now we're going to try and go the speed limit."  I'm sure the panic moments will come, but so far the contractions are really far apart, so to speak.

Happy Birthday Jackson!

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